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Artist, Art Tutor, Homeopath and Reiki Practitioner

A little bit about me ... 

Silently watching my grandfather paint seascapes in oils as a young child, the love of art stirred within me and has never gone away. I am an acrylic and mixed media painter currently based in Cheddar, Somerset, U.K working from my home studio.


I started life on the North Yorkshire coast and after several moves finished school in Hertfordshire. Training as a Private Secretary/PA I spent the next 15 years working for corporate companies, mostly in personnel, and my art remained a hobby. Starting a family and moving to Dorset enabled me to pursue my art professionally and I have been exhibiting and selling my work since 2004, as well as providing one-to-one tuition.


The effects of light on nature are what captivates and fascinates me time and time again, particularly energetic sunlight, without which nothing would exist at all. The 'big picture' the connectedness of all things and capturing the essence, the spirit of places and personalities is at the heart of everything which I create.


Many people who have bought my work in the past told me my paintings are tranquil, relaxing and healing, I then made the conscious decision to enhance my naturally ability by becoming reiki attuned so I can connect to universal healing energy and put that positivity into my paintings and into the world. To further increase positivity I use art materials that are cruelty free/vegan.


In 2011 after completing a 4 year licentiate at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy I ran clinics in Bridgwater and Cheddar in Somerset until 2023 helping many people regain their physical, emotional and mental health. Currently I am taking a break from running homeopathic clinics to fully concentrate on my art and tutoring. My work as a homeopath allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the struggles people face coping with anxiety, depression, bereavement and hormonal issues, particularly those who were creative and not able to pursue their creativity freely.  


In my teaching I offer 1:1 personal and bespoke tuition for anyone who needs more support in which to learn art, but especially those who are nervous, anxious or struggling with creative blocks or need help in finding their own artists style. I find making art is extremely therapeutic in terms of understanding the past, healing the present and showing you the way forward for tomorrow.  

Jayne Bateman - the healing artist

a lifelong Artist passionate about helping others heal through their art

"Season by season my work is about light; space; energy; joy and nature."

the truth lies within.JPG
Jayne Bateman, The end of a Perfect Day.

As seen in

Winter - A time for reflection. Acrylic
Jayne Bateman, Peak District, Acrylic on
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