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I am an Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Homeopath currently based in Cheddar, Somerset, UK.  Born on the North Yorkshire coast my first breath of air was that cool, fresh, spring air that is invigorating and filled with excitement and promise as the trees burst into leaf, and flowers fill the air with their scent and colours.  The essence of that feeling of freshness combined with the excitement of the effects of light on landscapes and wildlife is what I love to capture in my artwork.  

The process of painting either starts outdoors experiencing the beauty of nature, or from an idea which pops into my head. Whilst I’m absorbing that feeling, I do some simple sketching and take photographs as an aide-memoir.  Back in the studio when looking at the sketches and photographs, I am instantly transported, feeling that same emotional connection. All that’s left is to select the appropriate music to have on whilst I create - which also works to block out any distractions from outside the studio so I can be totally ‘in the creative zone’ while painting.

As I work I add reiki healing to the artwork so it can reflect that positive energy back into the world.  I also only use cruelty-free/vegan art materials now as my desire to work with positivity was diluted knowing that animals were still suffering within the art industry.  


I am passionate about art, whether I’m doing the painting, or I’m teaching someone else the love of painting, there’s nothing more rewarding that giving someone else the gift of creativity that they never knew existed within them. 

Why do I create .... because I absolutely love it!

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© 2020 by Jayne Bateman. All Images are copyright of Jayne Bateman. Cheddar, Somerset, UK        

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