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My grandfather inspired me to paint as a child and I've been making memories through my artwork ever since. I am an acrylic and mixed media painter currently based in Cheddar, Somerset, U.K. and have been exhibiting and selling my work since 2004, as well as providing one-to-one tuition for several years.


The effects of light on nature are what captivates and fascinates me time and time again, in particular capturing those energetic sparkling highlights and reflections. Space in a painting is very important - space to pause, to breathe deeply, and to heal. I love working in layers creating paintings that not only have depth of vision but also hidden depths of the past with stories of freedom, spontaneity and energy, all working together in the final layers of harmony and often finished with a touch of sparkle! Making memories of my emotional connection to places I have visited, and the people, animals and birds I have met, is at the heart of everything which I create.  


I'm often told my paintings are tranquil, relaxing and healing. I didn't deliberately seek out serenity in my work but it comes through as I am naturally drawn to paint places that are by nature peaceful, meditative and filled with memories. A few years ago I made the conscious decision to enhance this naturally ability by becoming reiki attuned to reflect that positivity into the world, as well as only using cruelty-free/vegan art materials. I am also a fully qualified Homeopath, completing my 4 year Licentiate in 2011 and have been running clinics in Bridgwater and Cheddar until 2023. For me making art is extremely therapeutic in terms of understanding the past, healing the present, and, by paying attention to what light's me up today, can show me the way forward to making better, and different art for tomorrow. It is an exciting and evolving process ... plus not a bad way to live a life!


"Season by season my work is about light; space; energy; joy and nature."

the truth lies within.JPG
Jayne Bateman, The end of a Perfect Day.

As seen in

Winter - A time for reflection. Acrylic
Jayne Bateman, Peak District, Acrylic on
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