Jayne Bateman -  the healing artist

Animal Paintings

January 2020 - I have been passionate about Art, Nature and healing since childhood, and one of my favourite subjects to paint is animals. I believe that no animal should suffer so that I can express myself artistially, therefore I have now committed to starting the transition to only use products that can be confirmed as cruelty free or Vegan.  


Cruelty-free means that there has been no animal testing in the production process.  Vegan means that there are no animal by products in the brushes, paints and canvasses etc.  


All the paintbrushes I use are now synthetic.  The paint and Gesso I use is Vegan.  The pencils and coloured pencils I use are Vegan.  The canvasses I use are Vegan.  I have also been experimenting with making my own smaller canvas boards using reclycled materials.